The following archives contains our Firebird 1.5.x Merge Modules up to release 1.5.6. Information on how to use them is given here. These files contain the Firebird 1.5.x binaries as provided on the Firebird web site. They are provided "as is" and with no warrantee.

The intended audience for these Merge Modules is Windows developers who want to install Firebird embedded with their applications and use Windows Installer (or one of its front ends e.g. recent versions of Installshield) to install their application. Not all of the Firebird distribution files are included in the Merge Modules. Specifically, developer tools, and examples are omitted. If you need these files then you need the full Firebird installation.

If you are upgrading from our Firebird 1 Merge Modules, read the installation and use instructions carefully. There are many changes.

Current Version

zip-89 Firebird 1.5.6 Merge Modules HOT


Wednesday, 18 February 2015 11:02
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The archive contains a set of 4 Merge Modules plus some additional Firebird dlls. Each Merge Module provides a group of related components. The reason for providing 4 separate modules is to make install time selection of Firebird components easier - especially when using entry level tools such as Installshield Express 3 to build the final installation script.

The Merge Modules are:


This contains the Firebird 1.5 client files. These are installed into the
"<Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5" directory and are sufficient for a client using the new fbclient.dll interface.

The Merge Module will set the environment path to include the installation directory so that the fbclient.dll can be loaded by any program.

fb15xserver.msm This contains the Firebird 1.5 server files. It includes a check to if the server is running and will stop the server prior to installation/upgrade and restarts it afterwards. It also includes checks for existing installations of InterBase/Firebird and will abort an install if any are found unless they were installed by an earlier version of our Merge Modules. In this case, the earlier version is upgraded automatically..
fb15xtools.msm This contains the Firebird 1.5 command line tools which may be optionally included in a client install. A Server install now automatically includes this Merge Module.

This merge module modifies the behaviour of a server install. If an InterBase/Firebird server is running when the installer is run, a dialog box is opened telling the user that the server is running and giving them the opportunity to either exit the installation or to continue. The installer will then automatically stop the server once the install takes place. On an uninstall or in other cases when no user interface is active, the installer will abort with an error message if it is run with a Server running.

This merge module should be included in installations for advanced users or when the install will be on an operational server supporting multiple users and databases. It avoids unintentionally stopping the server and hence potential data loss. Note that making this merge module optional on a "feature" has no effect as it is not component based but instead modifies the install script.

Note that the InterBase 6 documents Merge Module is still available, but note that the documentation here is now out-of-date with respect to Firebird.

For further information see the notes on using the Merge Modules. If you have any feedback on these Merge Modules, please send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or look in the forums.