The following files contain our InterBase 6 Merge Modules. Click on the link next to each one for information on what the Merge Module contains. Information on how to use them is given here. These files contain the InterBase 6.01 binaries as distributed by Borland under the InterBase Public Licence and include the Security Patch provided by Borland. They are provided "as is" and with no warrantee.

A set of 5 Merge Modules has been provided. Each Merge Module provides a group of related components and the reason for providing 5 separate modules is to make install time selection of InterBase components easier - especially when using entry level tools such as Installshield Express 3 to build the final installation script. The Merge Module functionality has been based on the Interbase 5 embedded installation guidelines supplemented by observation of the Interbase 6 installation process.

Note that there is no Merge Module for the InterBase SDK and examples. The Merge Modules are intended for InterBase deployment and as part of another application. Developers are expected to download the standard InterBase install from Borland or IBPhoenix.

If you are paranoid about what we might have put in these Merge Modules then you can also download the base Merge Module (i.e. without the binaries embedded in them) and scripts for adding the InterBase binaries.

zip-59 Merge Module Tools HOT


Use these to build Merge Modules from the original Firebird Distribution

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For further information and if you have any feedback on these Merge Modules, please send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..