MWA Software is pleased to announce that release 2.3.3 of IBX for Lazarus is now available for download from This release continues to track Lazarus 2.0 updates. Recent updates to the LCL TDBLookupComboBox have necessitated further changes to TIBLookupComboEditBox in order to ensure that TIBLookupComboEditBox continues to work when the DataSource is nil (i.e. with only a ListSource).

Otherwise, 2.3.3 consoliates further updates added to the IBX svn trunk since 2.3.2 including:

- ConfigOverrides for both TIBDatabase and TIBXServicesConnection
- Improvements to TIBCSVDataOut, TIBInsertStmtsOut and TIBBlockFormatOut.
- Case Sensitive Parameter Name support
- TIBDatabase.Attachment and TIBXServicesConnection.ServicesIntf are now read/write properties
- TIBQuery and TIBDataSet now support the TDataset.Filter property for server side filtering of SQL result sets.
- Minor bug fixes (see release notes for details).

The latest release candidate for Lazarus 2.0 is recommended for use with IBX 2.3.3. IBX 2.3.3
has been tested with the up-to-date fixed branch for Lazarus 2.0.

MWA Software is pleased to announce that release 2.3.2 of IBX for Lazarus is now available for download from Older versions of IBX will fail to compile with Lazarus 2.0 and upgrade to this version is necessary for use with Lazarus 2.0. All users are recommended to upgrade to the new release. Please read the changelog before upgrading. The release also includes a new SQL Tokeniser and the ability to select the Firebird Library (DLL or shared object) as a property of TIBDatabase or TIBXServicesConnection. Several minor bug fixes are also included.

The release fixes two problems with use of Lazarus 2.0:

  1. A deprecated function that is no longer supported with Lazarus 2.0 has been replaced.

  2. TIBLookupComboEditBox is derived from Lazarus TCustomDBComboBox. In Lazarus 2.0, TCustomDBComboBox takes a more restrictive view of combo boxes that do not have a DataSource. This prevents TIBLookupComboEditBox from being used to select rows in a list dataset when no DataSource is present. TIBLookupComboEditBox has been updated to include a workaround in order to restore previous functionality.

The new SQL Tokeniser has been primarily developed in order to avoid mis-identification of PSQL parameters within BEGIN..END blocks as IBX query parameters. This allows parameterised EXECUTE BLOCK statements to be supported. The new SQL Tokeniser is also used for TIBSQLParser and TIBXScript, in both cases removing duplicate code.

Both TIBDatabase and TIBXServicesConnection now include a new property "FirebirdLibraryPathName". This can be used to explicitly specify the full path to the firebird client library (DLL or shared object). For example, when the library is in a non-standard location or to avoid ambiguity when more than one library is installed. In principle, each instance of TIBDatabase or TIBXServicesConnection could use a different version of the library.

This is a very minor update and ensures that IBX will compile with the latest versions of Lazarus.. Lazarus 2.0.0 is expected to remove the deprecated function "ValidUTF8String" from the LazUtils unit. This update removes all references to  ValidUTF8String. The update is backwards compatible and should also compile correctly with earlier versions of Lazarus.

Currently, the update is only available via svn - see

MWA Software is pleased to announce that release 2.3.0 of IBX for Lazarus is now available for download from All users are recommended to upgrade to the new release. Please read the changelog before upgrading.

IMPORTANT: the source code tree has been re-organised for IBX 2.3. Please remove all previous copies of the IBX source code tree before installing this release.

This release introduces the IBXServices unit. The IBXServices unit is a re-architectured update of the IBServices unit providing what is intended to be a clearer and easier to use set of IB Services components. See Chapter 10 of the IBX User Guide for more information and the guide to "Firebird Service Management Using IBX". The legacy services components are still available and provided in a separate package. There is no need to update working applications using the older versions except for an additional package dependency.

The update also includes several improvements/additions to TIBExtract and bug fixes to date.