2015/7/10: MWA Software is pleased to announce that IBX for Lazarus release 1.3.1 is now available for download from here. This release includes some minor bug fixes for the IBControls, several important (albeit obscure) bug fixes in the main ibx source, and support for console mode programs.

Existing users are strongly advised to read the changelog before deployment, especially as regards the impact of console mode support.

2015/5/9: MWA Software is pleased to announce that Release 1.2.4 of IBX for Lazarus is now available. This version has a minimum support requirement of Lazarus 1.4/Free Pascal 2.6.4 and will not compile with earlier releases of Lazarus.

This release includes an internal SQL Parser supporting simple construction of dynamic queries e.g. using user selectable filters. It also includes three new controls making use of the parser. These are:

  • TIBLookupComboEditBox

  • TIBDynamicGrid

  • TIBTreeview


MWA Software is no longer able to support or provide new versions of the Firebird merge modules. This is because we are no longer active users of Microsoft Windows. All development work is now concentrated on Linux and Linux based applications.

MWA Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of IBX for Lazarus (release 1.1-0). IBX for Lazarus is derived from the Open Source edition of IBX published by Borland/Inprise in 2000 under the InterBase Public License. This version has been brought up-to-date by MWA Software and focused on the Firebird Database API for both Linux and Windows platforms. It is released under the InterBase Public License for the original code and under the compatible Initial Developers Public License for new software. Both Licenses permit commercial use.