The IBX for Lazarus Source code can be browsed using:

You can also check out the latest release using

svn co ibx

The latest version of the source code including recent patches can also be checked out using

svn co ibx

These are tested fixes and recommended for all users.

You can find out more about subversion from here.

The up-to-date consolidated (IBX and fbintf) ChangeLog for trunk (fixes to 2.0.2) is: (Last Updated 26th October 2017)

1. IBCustomDataset: Minor change of PChar to PByte for compatibility with fbintf

2. IBCustomDataset: Fixed use of incorrect datasize in TIBStringField.SetAsString.
   Bug could result in truncated multi-byte character set values.

3. FBINTF: Fix issues with setting SQL Param values using SetAsString with Numeric types.
   Scale is no longer ignored.

4. FBINTF: Fix issues with setting SQL Param values using SetAsString with Date values
   not in locale format but which are recognised by Firebird. Date values that
   cannot be converted to a string using Pascal library are now passed through
   to Firebird as Text Strings.

5. FBINTF:Lookup character set name by codepage amended to ensure that CP_UTF8 returns
   UTF8 and not UNICODE_FSS.

6. FBINTF:Charset ID problem. When using Firebird 3, with no default database character set
   and a column has a non-default collation specified, an incorrect character set
   id was being reported that could result in a 'division by zero' error when
   used by IBX. This has now been fixed.

7. FBINTF:Move GetCharsetName, CharSetID2CodePage, CodePage2CharSetID, CharSetName2CharSetID,
   CharSetWidth from IFirebirdAPI to IAttachment. This is a better data model as
   the character sets supported can be updated on a per database basis. That is
   it is possible to add a (Firebird) user defined character set to a database.

8. FBINTF: Add RegisterCharSet to IAttachment. This is used to register a user defined character
   set supported by Firebird with the API.

9. FBINTF: Add missing isc_info_db_read_only to list of decoded Database Information items
   in FBOutputBlock.pas and update test suite to include this item. Avoids error when accessing IBX TIBDatabaseInfo.ReadOnly property.

10. IBDatabaset: Avoid "Object is nil" error when opening a database with DefaultSystemCodePage = true

11. FBINTF: In FB30 Client, avoid calling (transation) start multiple when there is only a single database attachment.

12. IBLookupComboEditBox: avoid race condition when autocompleting text that occasionally  results in autocomplete ignoring prefix text.

13. IBLookupComboEditBox: Ensure that cursor is not reset to start of text when  entering a new name into the text box.

14. IBCustomDataset: ensure that TIBStringField uses the field size reported by  Firebird rather than recomputing it.

15. Property Editor positioning tidy up: All IBX Property editors should now be  screen centre. Previously some were "poDesigned" which may be inappropriate for multi monitor desktops.

16.IBX: Editor Positioning tidy up

17. FBINTF: Trap uninitialised SQL parameters on SQL Exec. Avoids Unknown SQL Type errors. Consistent setting of Modified (SQLParam).

18. FBINTF: Avoid string reference count error when processing an Ansistring
parameter in an array of const passed to IAttachment.OpenCursor, etc.

19. FBINTF: Allow for WideString and UnicodeString parameters in an array
of const passed to IAttachment.OpenCursor, etc.