MWA Software is pleased to announce release 2.0.2 of IBX2 for Lazarus. it is available here.

IBX2 is a major update to IBX 1.4.2 and includes support for both the legacy Firebird Client API and the new version 3 Firebird Client API. It also includes support for Firebird arrays. The documentation has been extensively revised and improved as well as the many example applications. The MWA Software website for IBX has also been fully updated. All documentation is now online and a public subversion repository is now available supporting check out and browsing of all previous releases as well as the current development version.

IBX2 has been through an extensive period of field testing. The 2.0.2 update has only a few minor changes to 2.0.1; IBX2 is no longer on pre-release and is a recommended update. A big thank you to those who supported IBX2 field testing and provided bug reports. A blog format article is also available on the development of IBX2.

All users of IBX and Lazarus 1.6.x/FPC 3.0.x should upgrade to IBX2 as the latest version of IBX for Lazarus. An upgrade guide is provided as part of the IBX for Lazarus User Guide.