You will need a tool that creates and maintains Windows Installer .msi files to make use of the Merge Modules, such as Installshield Express or Developer (but not Professional), or Wise for Windows Installer.

To install:

  • Installshield Express

With Installshield Express 3., all you need to do is to copy the .msm files into the "objects" subdirectory in the Installshield 3 installation directory. They are then available for use in the list of "Objects/Merge Modules" as soon as you start Installshield.

Later versions of Express (e.g. 3.53) can also be configured like Installshield Developer.


  • Installshield Developer

For Installshield Developer (and later versions of Installshield Express), it is best to copy the merge modules to a separate directory and to set the Merge Module search path to include this directory. This is done from Installshield (Express or Developer) from the "File Locations" tab in the "Tools->Options" dialog where you must add the path to the directory in which the InterBase merge modules are located to the list of "Merge Module Locations". The next time you view the Merge Module gallery, the Firebird Merge Modules will be available in the list of Merge Modules.

  • Wise for Windows Installer
For Wise for Windows Installer, the installation process is very similar, except that the search path for Merge Modules is set from the "Directories" tab in the "Edit->Preferences" dialog.

Other tools will have different strategies for incorporating Merge Modules. Please refer to the product documentation.