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binary.png jwrite-editor-2.5.0-setup 2.5.0 HOT


The JWrite Text Editor is a powerful Windows text editor, designed from the beginning to handle very large text files. Regardless of size, you will find that J-Write will open a file containing megabytes of text as quickly as a file containing only a few lines. Even after editing the text, file saving is as fast as your disk will stream data. J-Write has full keyboard and mouse support and is packed with useful text editing features.

The download is a self-extacting Windows installation.

The J-Write Text Editor was originally marketed as shareware. it is now available as free of charge licensed software.

You can remove the "Nag Screen" at any time by following the registration instructions and entering "A Guest" as the user name and "F-007374" as the codeword.


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zip.png sted105 1.0.5 HOT


The SuperTED text Editor will be familiar to many users of the Demon Internet Service, as SuperTED was the basic text editor supplied with the DOS based Internet access software. SuperTED is based on PC Magazines Tiny Editor (TED).

Although only about 8Kbytes, SuperTED is both an editor for DOS configuration files and EMail, incorporating a simple yet powerful word wrap algorithm. It also has many useful features including use of the Window's Clipboard for its own cut and paste functions. The latest version of SuperTED also supports long file names.

SuperTED is copyright software available at no charge.

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