1. Firebird 1.0.2. binaries replaced Firebird 1.0 binaries.
  2. Achim Kalwa's Firebird Manager Control Panel Applet replaces the original InterBase Control Panel Manager.
  1. Bug fixed that stopped the fbclient merge module recognising existing installation directories under the SOFTWARE\Borland\Interbase registry key.
  2. Functionality to stop a running server added to ibsetup.dll
  3. On detection of InterBase 6.5 or higher, ibsetup.dll will write version found into an installer property rather than generate an error message. This case can then be handled by the script as appropriate.
  4. ibsetup.dll now includes functionality to explicitly increment/decrement use counts on sharedDlls. This is used when keeping an existing installation of InterBase rather than upgrading to Firebird.
  5. fbserver merge module will now silently stop a running server prior to installation/upgrade/uninstall.
  6. New Merge Module fbStopServer.msm includes functionality to report a running server to the user and give them the option of either exiting or letting install stop the server. An error message is issued when a server is running and no user interface is active (e.g. on uninstall).
  7. New Merge Module fbIB5Warning.msm provide a warning to the user if IB5.x is found allowing them to exit or continue and upgrade.
  8. New Merge Module fbIB6Warning.msm does the same for IB6.0 but also gives the user the option to continue but retain IB6.0 - provided as a result of user request.