The ibserver.msm Merge Module comprises the following files:


  • ibconfig

Interbase Configuration Files

  • isc4.gbk

Interbase Initial Security Database File

  • isc4.gdb

Interbase Initial Security Database File

  • ibserver.exe

Interbase 6 Server

  • ibguard.exe

Interbase 6 Guardian

  • ib_util.dll

Utility functions to suuplement Interbase API

  • gstat.exe

Database analysis; required to be installed on the server to enable database statistics report.

  • iblockpr.exe

Lock table analysis; required to be installed on the server to enable database lock statistics report.

  • ibserver.hlp

Interbase Server specific help

  • ibserver.cnt

Interbase Server help contents

  • ibmgr.cpl

Interbase Manager Control Panel Applet

  • gdsintl.dll

International Character sets and collation information.

  • ib_udf.dll

Interbase standard UDF library

The Merge Module is dependent on the ibclient.msm and the Microsoft Foundation Classes Library Merge Module (mfc42.msm), both of which must also be merged into an installation script when is merged. Note that tools such as Installshield Express 3 automatically detect and resolve this dependency.

 Installation Procedures

When merged into a installation script, the ibserver.msm Merge Module adds the following functionality:

    1. 1. If the Interbase Guardian or Server processes are running, a warning message is given. the installation is abandoned with an error message if an attempt is then made to install/remove without stopping the Server. Note that the warning is only given when the Windows Installer User Interface is active. On a silent Install/Remove, only the fatal error will be given.
    2. The files are installed in their respective directories in the Interbase Folder as determined by the ibclient.msm functions.
    3. Under registry key


entries are made for the GuardianOptions and ServerDirectory, set respectively to "autostart" and the bin subdirectory of the Interbase Folder path used for the installation.

  1. Under Windows NT and 2000, Interbase Guardian and Server services are installed and the Interbase Guardian Service started.
  2. Under Windows 9x, the ibguard.exe path is included in the list under the registry key:


This has the effect of making Windows automatically start the Interbase Guardian at system startup time. The Interbase Guardian is also started by the installer to avoid having to reboot the system.