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Change Log:

1. TIBXSQLVAR code clean up and optimisation to improve client side "prepare" and parameter
   setting performance. See "readme.field+param.names in the doc folder.(Thanks to
   Gabor Boros for reporting this problem and for testing the improvements).

2. IBX can now support dialect 3 quoted column names that contain spaces and which differ only in their case.
   See readme.field+param.names in the doc folder.

3. IBX SQL Editors will now automatically add double quotes around column names when the database
   dialect is "3" and the column name contains spaces or is a Firebird 2.5 SQL Reserved Word.

4. Param Type LargeInt now supported in TIBQuery and TIBStoredProc

5. TIBSQL.ExecQuery retry on failure removed to avoid problems with "at most once"

6. TIBTransaction.SetDefaultDatabase uses SetObjectProp instead of mis-using SetOrdProp (with
   thanks to Yuriy Kopnin for pointing this out).

7. GenerateParamName is now a published property of TIBSQL, TIBQuery and TIBDataSet.

8. varWord, varShortInt and varInt64 added to TIBXSQLVAR.SetAsVariant and hence now available as variant types
   for both fields and parameter setting.

9. Changes to the Select SQL in an IBCustomDataset descendent should now be
   visible in the Fields Editor immediately afterwards - rather than only after cycling the "active" property.

10. TIBSQL SQL editor will operate correctly and not report an SQL syntax error on SQL test,
    when DSQL ('?') parameter placeholders are used and the TIBSQL.GenerateParamNames property is set to true.

11. TIBTable now has a property editor for "MasterFields"

12. SQL Property Editors now include a checkbox "Allow DSQL Placeholder". This corresponds to the
    GenerateParamNames property and should be set when using DSQL (i.e. '?') style parameters.

13. The IBTransaction editor now has a radio button ("Unspecified") which is set when the combination
    of settings is unrecognised. Selecting this radio button has no effect on the settings.


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