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IBX Change Log  version                                 (1.4-1) Tue, 17 May 2016 09:14:51 +0100

1. No character set specified for connection: when a text blob is retrieved, the
  character set is determined by looking up the native character set using then
  Firebird API. Otherwise a text mode blob is assumed to have the same character
  set as the connection.

2. TIBGUIInterface: this is an internal interface. Minor type changes to allow
   for Login Dialog returing a change to the database path.

3. Design Time Database and Server login Dialogs now allow the Database Name/Server Name
   to be changed from that given in the TIBDatabase/TIBServer component and for the
   entered value to be saved on a project specific basis (design time only).

4. IBDynamicGrid: TDBLookupCellEditor now compares its DataFieldName with the
   column fieldname. If they are the same then it is acts as a look up for the KeyValue
   Otherwise, it sets the column text to the selected ListField Value.

5. IBDynamicGrid: Only visible columns are now taken into account When recalculating
   column width.

6. IBLookupComboEditBox: Fix error with autocomplete query when a RelationName is given
   and a case insensitive search is requested.

7. IBDynamicGrid: No longer ignores notifications removing Column Totals controls
   or column ListSource.

8. IBQuery: no longer performs unnecessary refresh of SQL Text (and hence avoids an
   unprepare) when closing and the text has not changed.

9. IBSQL: Base the cursor name on a GUID instead of a hexstr version of the class pointer.
   Less likely to cause a cursor re-use error on Windows.

10.SV5IPC: include workaround for OSX. FPC 3.0.0 has broken ipc module for darwin.
   Expected to be fixed in 3.0.2. Hence workaround only applies to 3.0.0.

11. TIBTreeView: Guard against nil destination on record changed

12. AnsiString Code page support: TIBStringField.AsString and TIBMemoField.AsString now return a
    string type with the code page set to reflect the returned field encoding after
    Firebird driver transliteration, if any.  FPC 3.0.0 onwards only. Behaviour unchanged for
    earlier versions.

13. AnsiString Code page support: Assigning to TIBStringField.AsString and TIBMemoField.AsString
    will now result in transliteration to the code page specified for the Firebird driver
    if the assigned string has a different code page. FPC 3.0.0 onwards only.

14. TIBDatabase: new property UseDefaultSystemCodePage. When set any lc_ctype parameter
    is ignored and the lc_ctype value, when the database is opened, is set to align with
    the DefaultSystemCodePage (FPC 3.0.0 onwards). Normally, this is what you want and should ensure
    platform independence. Note: this applies to FPC 3.0.0 and earlier versions. Pre FPC
    3.0.0, when this property is true, the lc_ctype is UTF8 except under windows when
    the GETACP is used to determine the Windows code page.

15. TIBDatabase: new property DefaultCharSetName. This is the Firebird character set
    name used as the lc_ctype when the database was opened. Only valid while the
    Database is connected.

16. TIBDatabase: new property DefaultCodePage (FPC >=3.0.0 only). This is the codepage
    id that corresponds to the DefaultCharSetName.


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