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IBX Change Log  version                          (1.4-0) Mon, 15 Feb 2016 14:44:24 +0000

1. Unix: If Firebird Embedded Server shared object is loaded and a local database
   path is given and database attach fails due to access permission issues on the
   temp directory or security database, then the attach is retried with "localhost:"
   prefixing the databasename. This should avoid problems when the database has to
   be accessed by a local (e.g. classic) server and libfbembed is used.

2. Windows: revised search order for Firebird DLL:
     i.   The Firebird Embedded Server in the application Directory.
     ii.  If the FIREBIRD environment variable is set then the directory this
          points to is searched for the FB Client DLL and then then underlying
          "bin" directory.
     iii. Registry Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREFirebird ProjectFirebird ServerInstances
          is used to locate the Firebird installation directory and the underlying
          "bin" directory is searched for the FB Client DLL.
     iv.  The Default installation directories C:Program FilesFirebirdFirebird_2_x
          are searched for the FB Client DLL.
     v.   The PATH Environment variable is used to search for the FB Client DLL.
     vi.  Finally the  PATH Environment variable is used to search for IBASE.DLL.

3. New Component: TIBXScript. This is an ISQL compatible SQL script execution engine.
   See doc/readme.scriptengine and example applications.

4. New Component: TIBlocalDBSupport. This is a TIBDatabase support component intended to
   simplify the use of the embedded firebird server on both Linux and Windows platforms.
   See dpc/readme.localdatabase and example applications.

5. IBDynamicGrid: Reordering on column header click should now also work for
   dynamic columns.

6. ISQLMonitor: (Windows only). Mutex added to TMultilockGate to avoid race condition
   between incrementing/decrementing the lock count and signalling the event.

IBX Change Log  version           (1.3-2) Tue, 26 Jan 2016 14:39:54 +0000

1.3.2 was never formally released and only made available as beta copies.

1. DBControlGrid,IBDynamicGrid: Ignore down arrow and up arrow in TCustomMemo

2. IBDynamicGrid: Now deals correctly with a single column grid which has no indicator and autosize column

3. IBLookupComboEditBox: reset timer on each key press - avoids timer going off too early

4. IBDynamicGrid: Call event OnUpdateSortOrder even when aliasname not found in dataset
   i.e. when it is a calculated field

5. IBDynamicGrid: Fix problem selecting a different row when expanded row at end of grid.
   This problem was due to a race condition between recalculating row heights and
   determining which row was selected by the mouse click. The row height calculation
   is now deferred by an extra trip round the message loop allowing the row to
   be always calculated on the current grid layout rather than risking it being
   calculated on the grid layout after the expanded row has been shrunk.

6. IBLookupComboEditBox: avoid race condition between cm_killfocus and cm_exit on

7. TIBStringField: Now has two new public properties: CharacterSetName: string and CharacterSetSize: integer;
   These properties allow the (Firebird) character set name for the field and the max number of bytes per character
   to be determined at runtime. See doc/readme.charactersets.html.

8. TIBWideStringField: This is a new field type with the same additional public properties as above and subclassed from
   TWideStringField. This field type is used with the character size reported by Firebird is two. See doc/readme.charactersets.html.

9. TIBMemoField and TIBWideMemoField: new field types with the same additional public properties as above and subclassed from
   TMemoField and TWideMemoField respectively. These field types are used with Blob subtype 1 and a characterset size of
   1, 3 or 4 (TIBMemoField) or 2 (TIBWideMemoField). See doc/readme.charactersets.html.

   Both also have a new published property "DisplayTextAsClassName". If false (default) the displaytext is generated
   from the blob text by truncating the string to the displaywidth (in characters not bytes). A displaywidth of zero
   implies no truncation.

10. IBLookupComboEditBox: Force autocomplete when EditingDone called and timer active.

11. IBDynamicGrid: Call DataSet.Append when entering edit mode and dataset empty and not in insert state
   (avoids "Not in Edit Mode" error).

12. IBDynamicGrid: Correctly resize grid when one column width plus indicator.

13. IBDynamicGrid: Ensure Editor Panel has focus when shown - avoids Windows API calling
    DBGrid.DoExit on subsequent mouse click (e.g. on child control such as a tabbed page control.

14. IBDynamicGrid: ignore up, down tab and return when editorpanel open and focus in a TCustomGrid descendent.

15. DBControlGrid: Stop flashing grid when dataset closed and then re-opened while DisabledControls

16. IBQuery: Bug fixed that prevented SQL being set programmatically once the Parser had been invoked.

17. IBCustomDataSet: On close, parser is now freed and Select SQL reverts to value before DataSet Opened.


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