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IBX Change Log  version       (1.3-1)

  1. OnCloseUp Event Handler added to TDBLookupProperties
  2. IBDynamicGrid: Call to OnEditorPanelHide is now last editor hide action - avoids
         problem with row size when exception is called.
  3. IBLookupComboEditBox: Force pending autocomplete on combobox exit.
  4. IBDynamicGrid and DBControlGrid: Keyhandler now ignores up, down, escape and return keys if
         in a TCustomComboBox and ignores return key if in a TCustomMemo
  5. IBLookupComboEditBox: Ensure that KeyValue is set correctly when full text
         keyed in i.e. when autocomplete not performed
  6. Cleanup of "Uses" clauses and add console mode support. IBX should now support
         console mode applications with all LCL required functions (builtin dialogs and
         cursor management) centralised in the  IBDialogs unit. As long as "IBDialogs" is
         not included in your project, IBX should compile and link with a console mode program.
         See consolemode example and its "readme"for further guidence. DO NOT add the ibexpress package to a
         console mode application or the IDE will automatically assume that your
         application is GUI based. Instead, you should include the ibexpressconsolemode package.

     IMPORTANT NOTE: IBDialogs must be included in GUI applications in order
     to use the built in dialogs and cursor management. IBDialogs is
     included by default if "ibexpress" is in your project source's "uses" clause.
     This should be the case for all projects created through the IDE. This is why
     you do not want to add the ibexpress package to console mode applications. The
     ibexpressconsolemode package has been created to allow console mode programs
     to avoid adding LCL dependencies when using IBX, while still having the
     unit search paths set up correctly.

     Existing users should check to ensure that the "ibexpress" unit is included in
     each project's source file (*.lpr).

     You may find that in order for the IDE to recognise that ibexpressconsolemode
     exists, you have to first open the package in the IDE and then close it. This
     adds it to the most recently accessed packages list. To make it permanently
     available, add the package name to lazarus' file.

     Thanks to Julio JimĂ©nez for suggesting support of console mode.

  1. SQL Parser can now accept quoted strings that include new lines
  2. IBDynamicGrid: Lookup Cell Editor - the cursor is now positioned at end
         of text on start of edit. This is particularly useful when tabbing to a
         column and then inserting text.
  3. New Examples provided for IB Services and ISQLMonitor.

10. Fix error when writing to blob streams that recorded only the last buffer
    write in the blob stream. In most cases, this did not cause a problem as the
    IB Blob Stream is written in a single write. However, with the TDBImage, write
    of a graphic type prefix was lost which caused a problem when the image could
    not be automatically recognised.

11. Improve generation of random cursor names in TIBSQL - avoid risk of "cursor
    already open" errors due to random numbers used for the cursor name being identical.

12. IBTable: corrected error that could result in an "Index out of bounds" error
    when opening the table and the Primary Key is the last or only column in the
    table. Thanks to Rick Hoover for the fix.

13. Fix TIBDatabase initialisation of lc_ctype under unix. Set to "UTF8" instead
    of "UTF-8", and update list of available database character sets. Existing
    users should check the current lc_ctype setting in their applications.


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