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IBX Change Log  version                                                              (1.2-4) Sat, 09 May 2015 12:38:29 +0100

  1. Firebird Services: avoid List Index error when opening a service with an
        empty Params property.
  2. IBControls: Fix problem with new link mechanism introduced in 1.2.3.
        Link now set up in Loaded method - avoids occasional failure to apply
        SQL markup on initial open.
  3. "Employees" example performance improvements when scrolling.
  4. DBControlGrid: Correctly handle edit panel removal when panel is child control of a
        TFrame. Force recaching of selected frame to avoid GTK race (results in a
        random image cached).
  5. DBControlGrid: Should now react to changes in panel height at run time.
  6. IBDynamicGrid: Redraws rows below on panel editor hide - avoids blank space at end of grid   
        even when further rows exist.
  7. DBControlGrid: DefaultRowHeight is no longer a published property as it should
        always be derived from panel height and setting this property can cause confusion.
        Note for existing projects: to avoid a missing property error at run time,
        each form using the DBControlGrid must be opened, updated and saved in the IDE
        in order to remove the property value from the lfm.


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