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IBX Change Log  version                                                          (1.2-3) Tue, 14 Apr 2015 14:11:17 +0100

  1. TIBStoredProc. Prepare now called by ParamByName to avoid need to always
        call Prepare before setting parameter values.
  2. Error message on ParamByName (all cases) not found now includes name of missing parameter.
  3. Code tidyup and more robust handling of dsql information result vector.
  4. Support for centralised handling of transaction status changes. TIBTransaction
        has been given additional events "AfterEdit", "AfterInsert", "AfterDelete", "AfterPost"
        and "AfterExecQuery". The first three are called after the same event is called
        for an IBCustomDataSet descendent using the Transaction. The fourth is called
        after a call to TIBSQL.ExecQuery, again using this transaction. These new events
        enable monitoring of transaction status changes for a given transaction to be
        handled in a single place. For example, when a change to the dataset occurs
        an indicator can be set that shows the user that in order to save changes,
        the transaction should be committed.  Rather than doing this per dataset, this
        can now be done per transaction.
  5. TDataSet.CheckBrowseMode automatically posts changes to the current row when
        the dataset is scrolled. However, any changes to the current row are, by default,
        discarded when the dataset is closed. TIBDataSet, TIBQuery and TIBTable now
        have a new property "DataSetCloseAction" that adds automatic posting of changes
        on dataset close. If this property is set to dcDiscardChanges (default) then the
        behaviour is unchanged from previous versions. if the value is set to dcSaveChanges
        then IBX will attempt to post any unsaved changes before the dataset is closed
        (and after the BeforeClose event handler is called). The exception is when the
        dataset is being closed as a result of a transaction rollback. In this case,
        no action is taken and any unsaved  changes are discarded. This avoids both
        unnecessary overhead and the risk that a validation error may occur in the Post
        raising an exception and thereby preventing a rollback.
  6. String Field sizes and Display Widths should now be correct for multi-byte character sets.
        In earlier versions, the Display Width was set to the maximum byte width rather than the character
        width. Display Widths are now corrected by dividing by the max byte width per character.
        For UTF8 character sets, the byte width is four and hence the Display Width will be
        the byte width divided by 4. The byte width of each character set is determined
        dynamically when the database connection is estabished from the RDB$CHARACTER_SETS
        system table. (see also
  7. SQLParser will now correctly parse SQL Text which contains ':' within quoted string.
  8. IBLookupComboEditBox: List should now always be restored to full list when the
        control loses focus. Default Key press default interval reduced to 200ms.
  9. DBControlGrid: Ensure that selection is changed to newly appended row, even
        when dataset rows are less than visible rows.

10. IBDynamicGrid: Editor Panel is not shown on indicator click if Datasource
    does not exist or DataSet is empty. More responsive on dataset open. New event
    OnRestorePosition. Column sort disabled if no header row.

11. IBTreeView: improved handling of response to "Add Node". Avoid scrolling dataset
    while dataset state is dsInsert. Avoids posting errors.

12. IBControls: New mechanism for distributing UpdateSQL and UpdateParams events. This is to
    avoid conflict with DisableControls/EnableControls with Master/Detail linked tables.

13. IBLookupComboEditBox: Now avoids SQL Errors when combo box text contains single quotes.

14. TIBDataSet and TIBQuery: new Event - OnValidatePost. This event has been introduced
    to solve a specific problem. That is when the dataset cursor is moved (e.g. by
    a grid mouse click and the current row is being edited or inserted. In this case, TDataset
    always "posts" the current record regardless or whether or not it may be more appropriate
    to cancel any changes; the post occurs before the "BeforeScroll" event fires due to the way the
    "MoveBy" function is implemented by TDataSet. The OnValidatePost event is called
    as the first action of the "Post" method and allows the handler to convert the Post
    into a Cancel if that is the appropriate action on moving to a different row. This is
    achieved by returning with "CancelPost" argument set to true. Note that an exception could be
    raised here, but it may still be more appropriate to validate a post and signal
    a problem in the "BeforePost" event handler. See readme.automaticposts.xhtml)

15. On Unix derived systems, the Firebird library name can now be given as a colon
    separated list. Each library name on the list is tried in turn, in left to right
    order with the first found being used as the firebird library. By default, on Linux,
    the library name list is ''. This can be
    overidden by the FBLIB environment variable or the OnGetLibraryName function.

    Note: when using the, if you prefix the database name with "localhost:"
    then it will still attempt to access the database via the Firebird Server and will
    require a username and password. If only the pathname is given, then the username
    and password should be omitted and the unix file permissions are used to grant


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