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IBX Change Log  version                                                    (1.2-2) Sat, 14 Mar 2015 11:35:04 +0000

  1. A new IBControl - TDBControlGrid has been added. TDBControlGrid a lookalike
        rather than a clone for the Delphi TDBCrtlGrid. TDBControlGrid is a single column grid
        that replicates a TWinControl - typically a TPanel or a TFrame in each row. Each row
        correspondes to a row of the linked DataSource. Any data aware control on the
        replicated (e.g.) TPanel will then appear to have the appropriate value for the row.

2. As suggested by Julio Jiménez, a new property "SQLHourGlass" has been added to TIBDatabase.
   When set to false (default true), the Hour Glass cursor is supcpressed and no cursor change
   takes place during database access. This may be useful when there are performance issues with
   the change of cursor. Setting the property to false suppresses the change of cursor.

3. As suggested by Julio Jiménez, a new property "AutoCommit" has been added to TIBDataSet, TIBQuery
   and TIBTable. When set to acCommitRetaining (Default: acDisabled), a call is made to
   Transaction.CommitRetaining immediately after every Post or Delete. This has the effect of
   making all changes permanent immediately rather than when the transaction is explicitly

4. Experimental support for the Firebird 3 SQL_BOOLEAN type has been added while still
   using the legacy Firebird API. Thanks to Gabor Boros for helping to this feature.


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