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IBX Change Log  version                                      (1.2-0) Thu, 26 Feb 2015 10:34:04 +0000

1. An internal select SQL Parser is now available for TIBCustomDataset descendents.
   This is typically used during an "OnBeforeOpen" event handler to manipulate the
   "Where" and "Having" clauses to implement user specified filters of arbitrary

2. A new Component Palette entry "Firebird Data Controls" is now available. This has
   three new data aware controls dependent on IBX and which make use of the SQL Parser.
   These are:

   - TIBLookupComboEditBox
   - TIBDynamicGrid
   - TIBTreeview

   TIBLookupComboEditBox is a TDBLookupComboBox descendent that implements "autocomplete"
   of typed in text and "autoinsert" of new entries. Autocomplete uses SQL manipulation
   to revise the available list and restrict it to items that are prefixed by the
   typed text (either case sensitive or case insenstive). Autoinsert allows a
   newly typed entry to be added to the list dataset and included in the available
   list items.

   TIBDynamicGrid is a TDBGrid descendent that provides for:
   - automatic resizing of selected columns to fill the available row length
   - automatic positioning and sizing of a "totals" control, typically at the
     column footer, on a per column basis.
   - DataSet resorting on header row click, sorting the dataset by the selected column.
     A second click on the same header cell reversed the sort order.
   - Support for a "Panel Editor". That is on clicking the indicator column, the row
     is automatically expanded and a panel superimposed on it. The panel can have any
     number of child controls, typically data aware controls with the same datasource
     as the grid allowing for editing of additional fields and more complex editors.
   - Reselection of the same row following resorting.
   - A new cell editor that provides the same functionality as TIBLookupComboEditBox.
     Its properties are specified on a per column basis and allows for one or more
     columns to have their values selected from a list provided by a dataset.
     Autocomplete and autoinsert are also available. The existing picklist editor
     is unaffected by the extension.

   TIBTreeView is a data aware TCustomTreeView.

3. When getting a field value using FieldByName.AsVariant, an SQL_INT64 with a
   zero scale will no longer return an error. An Int64 will be returned instead.

4. TIBTransaction now has events for Before and After Transaction End and a new function
   "GetEndAction" allowing the EndAction to be accessed by these event handlers.

5. TIBQuery can now handle correctly queries which contain the same keyword parameter
   repeated multiple times.

6. TIBUpdateSQL will no longer return an error when "RowsAffected" is <> 1. This error
   check used to get in the way of using Stored Procedures, and "Update or Insert"

7. Insert, Modify and Delete property Editors now support Query Generation from
   Stored Procedures.

8. Three new examples illustrate the use of the new IB Controls


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